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Enterprise IT Tooling Journal

Atlanta, Georgia. United States. Do you want to learn about technology tools from a God-fearing American who studied, applied, and practiced Computer Science for 25 years, worked at LSI Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, founded CompuProof Inc, America's Enterprise IT Tooling Company, and led the Office of Enterprise IT Applications & Tools through channels of American technology business partners?

When it comes to enterprise hardware, software, servers, networks, storage, data, and services, I've worked enterprise IT tooling projects hands-on, open to close, through many American Fortune 500 companies and two State Government Departments without breaking a single Corp-2-Corp contract agreement and without incurring a single lawsuit. My journal records and shares my journey, lessons-learned, and situations to avoid.

I hope you enjoy these proofs as much as I enjoyed documenting the journey.


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